With great joy and satisfaction we comment that we made our visit to the Unified Central Communal Human Settlement, in the District of Villa María del Triunfo; It is an area of difficult access because it is on the way up to a steep area. We carried an important donation of groceries for La Mar Common Pot.

The population of this area shows many needs: in many cases they do not have water or drainage; several houses are made of precarious material (plywood plates, corrugated iron, etc.); some houses are made of noble material, and all the roads are trails, with steep slopes. The water supply is done through the few neighbors who have a connection to the drinking water network, paying for it; and each dwelling has the management of its sewage (some with a septic tank, others with latrines, etc.). The nutritional and health needs of this population, among others, are also evident; as well as from La Mar Common Pot itself (such as kitchen equipment or fitting out the premises they use).

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